How Do You Make A Furniture Store Successful?

When you look at all the retailers that are out there, you may come up with a few that should normally be successful because they sell products that everybody needs. This is for instance the case for furniture stores. While furniture items are among the most demanded products by households, only a small number of furniture stores are actually able to generate high profit margins. This article discusses how to make a furniture store successful. Read More 

Unwelcome Guests: What To Do About Squirrels In Your Chimney

One of the most common chimney issues that homeowners encounter is having wildlife nest inside. Your home's chimney is an ideal shelter that's warm, dry and safe. One of the most common tenants to find inside your chimney is squirrels. After all, they are used to living in the hollows of trees. Your chimney can resemble a hollowed out tree to a squirrel, and once they climb in, it can be hard to get out unless the walls are masonry. Read More