Replace Peed-On Air Conditioner Fins Before More Serious Repairs Are Needed

Male dogs mark their territory, regardless of who actually owns the property that they pee on and whether their habits cause damage. If a dog has been urinating on your air conditioner, you should have the unit's fins checked by a technician. They may be rusted, in which case they need to be replaced before the interior of your unit corrodes and more expensive repairs are needed. Canine Urine Makes Air Conditioner Fins Rust Read More 

3 Key Things Tenants Are Looking For When Renting A Property

In today's economic climate, it's imperative that you market your buy-to-let property the right way. The current property market is a "renter's market", meaning many people are looking for short-term leases while they get a deposit together for their own home. If you're looking to lease out one (or more) of your properties, or you're looking to purchase a buy-to-let home, it's important to remember the following three things prospective tenants will be looking for: Read More 

3 Things To Think About Before Choosing A Log Home

If you have always loved the idyllic image of life in a log cabin, you'll be delighted to know that these rustic structures are widely available to today's homeowners. Whether you want to spring for a custom handcrafted log home or you're willing to do your own building from a kit, you can enjoy the same kind of homespun environment that housed countless American settlers. But you might also be surprised at the sheer number of options and decisions involved in selecting and building your dream home. Read More 

4 Marketing Methods That Will Make Your New Aluminum And Glass Storefront Shine

Glass and aluminum storefronts hold up well to the outdoor elements, maintain their color and shine, and offer a sleek look that inspires passersby to walk through the front door. An aluminum storefront with dual-break technology effectively reduces heat transfer and will help to keep the interior of your retail space warm. Once your new aluminum and glass storefront is installed, you'll want to make sure it stands out from the crowd – here are a few marketing methods that will help you do just that: Read More 

5 Awesome Benefits Of A Garage Door Maintenance Plan

If you have the luxury of owning a garage, there's no doubt you appreciate the convenience and the extra space. But like every other part of your home, your garage door will eventually need repairs. What if there was a way to circumvent the hassle of having to deal with problematic issues? It's called a garage door maintenance plan, and it can benefit you in many ways. Catch problems before they occur. Read More