Three Types Of Cracks Your Window May Experience

Broken windows are unattractive, and they can cost you money since they are no longer energy-efficient. Therefore, as soon as you notice that you have a broken window, it is imperative that you address the issue immediately, before it worsens. Your first step is to determine the type of crack that your window has sustained. By doing this, you can determine if the window glass can undergo a simple repair or if the window glass will need to be completely replaced. Keep reading to learn three of the most common types of window glass cracks.

Stress Cracks

As a general rule, stress cracks begin small near the window's edge. Over time, though, the crack will expand and spread across the window glass, leading to a much larger issue than you could have ever anticipated. These types of window cracks are generally a result of serious temperature fluctuations. An example is when you increase the heat inside to stay warm because it is incredibly cold outside.

Stress cracks may also appear as a result of physical distresses. An example of this is when a window is slammed shut. Therefore, to prevent a self-induced stress crack, you should take care when shutting and opening your windows.

Pressure Cracks

Pressure cracks are not very common in windows. They are common in insulated glass or double-paned windows. While pressure cracks appear to occur out of nowhere, the truth of the matter is they occur as a result of pressure shifts from extreme weather. Pressure cracks can also occur when a window is installed at an elevation that is too low or too high. The windows crack because they are unable to withstand the pressure.

You know you are dealing with a pressure crack because of the break's shape. As a general rule, the crack will be curved like an hourglass. More often than not, a pressure crack will require that you replace the window entirely.

Impact Cracks

Impact cracks are probably the most common types of cracks that occur to windows. These cracks occur when an object strikes your window. An example would be when a kid hits a baseball into the window. An impact crack is easily identifiable because of the starburst pattern that occurs from the point of collision.

When this type of crack occurs, it is important that you are extremely careful when you clean it up. There are often shards of glass that will break inside of your home, and these pieces of glass are very sharp. The replacement of the window is generally required.

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