A Supply List For A Front Yard Flowerbed With Stone Border

If you are a homeowner and you have decided that you would like to make your front yard look a bit more attractive by adding a flower bed, then this guide will help you with that process. It might seem like a large task, but once you have assembled the necessary items, you will be able to create that flowerbed in a weekend's worth of work. The important thing is to make sure you have all of the items beforehand so that you can start and finish the project in a single weekend. 

Good Soil to Help the Flowers Grow

You will want to use fresh soil when creating your flowerbed. You don't want to try and plant flowers in the ground without first adding quality soil. Many people who have never planted flowers before do not understand the importance of this. Soil that is too rocky or too clay-like will be a poor environment for the flowers and might end up killing them. So it's important to make sure that you bring in several bags of good potting soil and use that in your flower bed. 

A Weed Barrier to Keep the Flowerbed Weed-Free

Nothing is more disappointing than seeing lots of weeds grow up around your flowers. So in order to prevent that, make sure that you buy a weed barrier. These are made from plastic or some other inorganic material that blocks weeds from growing up. You will cut holes in the fabric so that your flowers can fit through. The rest of the weed barrier should cover all the other dirt that is around your flowers. In order to hide this weed barrier, you will place either crushed stone or wood mulch on top of it. 

Crushed Stone for Drainage

It's important to make sure you lay a layer of crushed stone underneath the potting soil. This is so that there is adequate drainage. If you don't have crushed stone laid down, water can pool up during a rainstorm and cause root rot. This root rot will in turn damage the flowers, and in some cases, cause them to die off completely. 

Precast Stone for the Border 

While some people use found stones, such as river rock or field stone, an easier method is to head to a company that sells natural stone products and look for precast stones that fit your design aesthetic. The advantage to using precast stone is that they can easily be set side-by-side and fit nicely together in a way that prevents soil spillage. When working with natural river rock or field stone, the stones are oftentimes too irregularly shaped to fit together smoothly, and this causes soil to erode. A selection of precast stone will join together and leave no openings for the flowerbed soil to erode.