Sod Or Seed? Key Points

Nothing makes a property less attractive than a weed-filled lawn full of bare and brown spots. A great way to solve this problem is to install a new lawn, but this leads to the tricky decision of how to apply the new lawn; with sod or grass seed? Both of these options have their advantages and disadvantages. Here is a basic guide to the issue for homeowners facing this situation. 


One key advantage of planting grass seed is that it's less expensive than sod. In some instances, the price of laying sod might be 10 times the cost of planting grass seed. The reason for this is rather obvious if you about it. When you purchase rolls of sod, you are paying for the time and effort it cost the seller to grow the grass until it reached a point where it could thrive in soil. With grass seed, the cost is much lower because you will be doing this task yourself or hiring a landscaper to do it.


A big advantage that sod has over grass seed is the time it takes to see any result. As soon as your sod is laid, your property will immediately have more curb appeal. Grass seed takes time to grow and, in some cases, it might be quite a while before your new lawn is mature and thriving. For example, if you plant your grass seed in the fall, as some landscapers advise, then you are not going to see the new lawn come its own until the next spring.


Naturally, a big part of any decision regarding the installation of a new lawn involves what grass species are you going to choose. An important factor in this decision as it relates to the grass seed or sod question is that grass seed gives you more options than sod when it comes to selecting the species you want. Only certain types of grass are sold in the form of sod layers for the most part, so your selection is limited compared with the numerous grass seed options.

Determining whether grass seed or sod is the best choice your new lawn is not necessarily an easy decision to make. A variety of factors need to be considered and the final answer depends on your specific circumstances and personal preferences. For further information about this issue or to learn more about installing a new lawn on your property, contact an experienced landscaping service in your town.