3 Key Maintenance Steps That Help You Avoid Costly Water Heater Repairs

The water heater plays the important role of heating water in your household for various activities, such as showering and washing dishes. To keep this appliance in great shape so you don't have to deal with regular, costly repairs, you need to execute these maintenance steps.

Insulate the Pipes 

The pipes connected to your hot water heater have the tendency of collecting condensation. Although this seems like a minor issue, condensation can cause unnecessary damage to your water heater and even lead to pipe replacements.

Preventing condensation from collecting around these pipes isn't that difficult. You'll just need to wrap foam insulation around them. You don't have to be an expert with water heaters to perform this step either. Just find insulation foam that's intended for water heater pipes and then secure it in place. Make sure all sides are completely covered for extra protection.

Check For Sediment Buildup 

When sediment gets into water that travels through the water heater, premature wear and tear can occur. Your water heater thus won't last nearly as long, and you'll be looking at an expensive replacement/repair. That's why you need to get in the habit of checking for this sediment every couple of months. 

First, find the drain valve that corresponds to your water heater. After placing a bucket underneath it, let out some water. Inspect its consistency for sediment buildup. If it's present, you should proceed by flushing your entire water heater. This will keep it working optimally for years. 

Have System Inspected 

Even if all signs point to a great working water heater, you should still have a professional come out and inspect it annually. Then, you can spot problems you may have overlooked before they become extremely costly and stressful to fix.

The licensed contractor that comes out to your property will assess integral components of your water heater, including the tank itself, temperature dial, anode rod, and the TPR valve. If there are any issues with these parts, they can offer a repair or replacement. You'll receive an in-depth cost breakdown of the required work, so you can plan financially and decide what to do next.

It's hard to go a day without hot water. You'll never have to worry about this as long as you put a lot of time and energy into maintaining your water heater. With the right care steps, you can avoid costly repairs and always have hot water on command.  Contact a hot water repair service for more help.