Which Giveaways Are Best For Your Booth?

Whether you have a home business or a larger enterprise, being able to purchase or secure a booth on a convention floor is admirable. From your booth on the floor, you may reach dozens or hundreds of prospective customers and business partners. However, your ability to remain in their thoughts as a viable business or partner is dependent on the impression you make and the giveaways you share. Even if they remember your stunning presentation, giveaways are vital for keeping your brand and contact information in front of them. What are the most useful giveaways for a booth?

Imprinted Business Card Magnets

Magnets are fantastic for giveaways. Some people collect them and others use them to anchor papers or photographs. Magnets that are imprinted with your business card can be placed on a customer's refrigerator or a company's filing cabinet. Both locations are used often; when they finally have need of something your business can provide, they'll be so used to seeing your business card magnet that you'll be the first person to call.

To make your imprinted business card magnet even better for the people you're giving to, you might want the magnet to be shaped like a clamp or paper clip so that papers and photos are more easily clipped and attached. 


Mugs, while seemingly plain, can be versatile. Millions of people drink tea or coffee each day; having an extra mug branded with your logo or business information will come in handy. Even if they aren't using it for beverages, your coffee mug can hold pens, paper clips or other odds and ends.

Design is paramount for a mug; the more striking your design team can be, the more people will want to use it and keep it in their daily rotation. 


You may already have multiple pens yourself from the many business interactions you have. These are simple and inexpensive to brand with your information and can be useful for many purposes.

Free Samples or Information

To show your aptitude, you may want to provide product samples or information booklets as giveaways. By showing prospective customers what your expert level is, you can convince them to consider your company whenever they're open to purchase from you or retain your services. Study your target customers for information and products which would be most important to them.

Your giveaways say something about your business and your ability to serve customers. Work with printing shops, promotional vendors and others to settle on the best giveaways for your company.