Remodeling Your Kitchen? 3 Lighting Must-Haves To Consider

A kitchen remodel can be a great project. Not only can it improve the function and look of your space, but it can also add a great deal of value to your home. From cabinets and flooring to energy-efficient appliances, there are many parts of your remodel to consider. However, improving the lighting design of your kitchen is also important. Here are a few home decor light fixtures to include in your kitchen remodel.

Task Lighting

As the name suggests, task lighting is lighting that helps you perform tasks. In your kitchen, task lighting can improve the effectiveness and efficiency that is required for prepping food, cooking, and even washing dishes.

Task lighting may be recessed lights in the ceiling of your kitchen. These lights may be installed throughout the layout of your kitchen including in areas over your stove and sink. Also, consider under cabinet lights which illuminate the counter top surface of your kitchen that can be beneficial for prepping food, cooking, and reading recipes.

It is important to note that task lights do not have to be recessed lights only. Pendant lights can also help you illuminate your kitchen for completing tasks. Pendant lights over your kitchen island, breakfast nook dining area, and sink are ideal for creating a warm, functional space.

Accent Lighting

Your kitchen is probably considered the heart of your home, so you not only perform tasks there, but you also enjoy being in the kitchen. Therefore, using lights to accent certain parts of the kitchen can make it more appealing and comfortable.

Accent lighting can be used to accentuate certain areas of the kitchen, such as glass-front cabinetry where you display favorite pieces of china or other collectibles. If you have decorative accessories on top of your cabinets, consider adding lights to illuminate and accent this often-overlooked area of your kitchen.

Ambient Lighting

Finally, use light fixtures to add ambiance to your kitchen. Ambient lighting helps you see in your kitchen easier, but it also improves the overall look and mood of this space.

Large drum chandeliers over your dining area, decorative pendant lights over your kitchen island, and also recessed can lights scattered through the kitchen's ceiling can all improve the function and feel of your kitchen.

Lighting up your kitchen does not have to be an overwhelming task. From improving your ability to perform tasks to accenting and adding ambiance, this guide will help you get started with the initial design of your kitchen's light fixtures.