Use A Wishing Well As A Plant Holder And Decorative Piece For Your Outdoor Dining Area

A wishing well is a decorative item that can be used as a plant holder and that will add charm to a corner of your property. If you're looking at garden decor for sale, use the tips below to select a wishing well and add one of your favorite plant varieties to the well's bucket attachment. 

Select A Well And Install It On Your Property

Before purchasing a well, determine how you will utilize the decoratie piece once it is installed on your land. Do you plan to to solely use the decoration as a display or would you like to incorporate it into part of the outdoor seating area that you and your family will be utilizing this summer?

If the well is being used as a decoration for your patio, you should set up the furnishings that are being used for a dining area and measure the empty space that the wishing well will be placed on. Keep in mind that you will need to leave a gap so that you and your loved ones can walk around the table without any obstacles.

After measuring the designated area for the well, go shopping for the decorative feature. Select a well that is constructed of wooden planks that have been treated. Make sure that the well's bucket will support the plants that are added to it. 

Use One Or More Plants To Fill The Bucket

Before planting items in the well's bucket, drill a couple small holes in the bottom of the bucket so that water will not accumulate in the bucket. Add a relatively thick layer of potting soil across the base of the bucket. Place the roots to one or more of your favorite plants on top of the soil before covering the roots.

If you choose to add more than one plant to the bucket, leave some space in between the plants so that the plants will be provided with plenty of space and to prevent damage to the root system of either plant.

Some lighting that contains low wattage bulbs will draw attention to the well and will provide the dining area with an intimate, cozy aura. If the patio is not covered, choose lighting that is waterproof and that is battery or solar-powered.

If the patio has an awning or a different type of covering over it, use whatever type of lighting you prefer, but if you choose electric lights, make sure that an electrical outlet is within the vicinity of the patio before purchasing this type of lighting.