Two Places To Add Insulation

If you have a home that is already built and finished, but you still want to add insulation, there are many ways to go about it. There are many points in your house that can definitely benefit from adding insulation after the fact. This article looks at a few ways that homeowners can add insulation to some of the most vital parts of their home.

Window Insulation

The windows are always going to be one of the most vulnerable components in your house when it comes to heat loss and transfer. Even when your windows are closed and locked, you can lose a lot of heat through them. For instance, on cold winter days, you might feel a cold gust of air as you walk by a window. This could be because the window has no weatherstripping, but it could also be because the window casing is hollow. The decorative molding that connects your window to the walls is often not filled with anything. So, it is possible to have professionals remove your casing and spray foam insulation to fill the gap and greatly add to the efficiency of your windows.

Attic Insulation

Attics are another place where heat can be lost. Attics don't have any temperature control. As a result, the cold or hot air in your attic, can affect the rest of your home that is temperature controlled. During the winter, the ceilings directly below your attic could be cold to the touch. Obviously, during the summer, they could be extremely warm, especially since hot air rises.

Regardless of which season is giving you the most trouble with your attic, there is one easy way to reduce the problem. You can add fiberglass insulation in between the floor joists of your attic if they are unfinished. Since most attics are built unfinished, it is easy to get in there, add some insulation in between the studs, and enjoy much better efficiency.

Fiberglass batting insulation is already cut to the right stud bay width, so it can fit in between the joists. It is very easy to do this job yourself, and you don't even need to hire a professional.

Windows and attics can definitely be two of the biggest problem areas when it comes to heat retention. If you add insulation to them, it can have a very positive affect on the heating and cooling of your home. For more information, contact local professionals like those found at All Weather Shield Inc.