Less Is More—3 Small Home Ideas For An Active Millennial

Today's young Millennials want a larger life than many of their predecessors with more freedom to explore who they are. And that often means that the traditional course of buying a home on land that must be maintained isn't what they want to do. 

But, what are your best options to live in a way that allows you that freedom to pursue? Here are 3 great options:

Park Model Homes

You may be forgiven for not knowing what a park model home is since they aren't widely publicized. A park model is a cross between an RV and a mobile home. It's much smaller than the traditional mobile home and built on a trailer chassis that makes moving it easier. But these homes come with a plethora of modern amenities and are generally move-in ready.

Park models are most often associated with beach cottages and mountain vacation homes, but they make a great primary home with few maintenance needs. If you've considered a "tiny home" but don't want to invest the time and money into building from the ground up, this is the next best thing. Remember, when buying a newly-built park model, you can personalize your amenities from packages of options. 

Studio Apartments

Studio apartments are the ultimate in low-maintenance and easy use. Whether you buy or rent one, you'll quickly find that this is a lifestyle that prohibits the accumulation of unnecessary stuff. And if you're the type of person who wants to experience less consumerism and more travel but has a hard time saying "no", having that limitation can be the perfect solution. 

To be sure, studio apartment living can be an adjustment. You'll benefit from being creative about the use of space and making divisions in the home for different uses. But you can supplement with a nearby storage unit if you really need to. 

House Sitting

For the true wanderers, avoiding having to buy any home is the best option possible. The good news is that you can actually do this be providing housesitting services. Full-time house sitters stay at the clients' homes while they're away on vacation, work trips, or caring for other family members. Once a house sitter gets a good pool of clientele and good word of mouth, they are likely to find themselves booked solidly and able to live right out of their vehicle. 

In addition to ensuring that the house continues to appear "lived in", they also care for family pets, houseplants, yard greenery, mail, and receiving packages. The upside for this light work? The house sitter gets to live in a comfortable home and often use most of the amenities without paying for any of it. And they get to visit places they may not have experienced otherwise. 

Any of these alternatives to a traditional full house can result in a life of more options and fewer constraints. And then, who knows where the wind will take you? Check out a website like http://www.azresorthomes.com for more information and assistance.