4 Marketing Methods That Will Make Your New Aluminum And Glass Storefront Shine

Glass and aluminum storefronts hold up well to the outdoor elements, maintain their color and shine, and offer a sleek look that inspires passersby to walk through the front door. An aluminum storefront with dual-break technology effectively reduces heat transfer and will help to keep the interior of your retail space warm. Once your new aluminum and glass storefront is installed, you'll want to make sure it stands out from the crowd – here are a few marketing methods that will help you do just that:

Implement the Right Colors

Using colorful trim, font, and graphics on your storefront's glass is a surefire way to grab the attention of potential customers so they're more likely to head inside and browse. Each color offers their own unique appeal, which gives you the opportunity to influence the way people perceive your storefront marketing. Consider one or more of these color options:

  • Create a calming effect to relax visitors with shades of blue.
  • Reassure customers with a warm invitation with the help of orange.
  • Use hues of yellow and red to alert customers about specials and sales as they're happening.

While colors certainly brighten things up, using too many of them can confuse your message. It's a good idea to come up with a color scheme plan using only two or three colors throughout your entire storefront for a clean and straightforward look.

Include a Call-to-Action

A call-to-action is just as effective when used in your storefront marketing as it is on your website. It tells potential customers exactly what you want them to do, whether that's checking out your new arrivals, coming in to get a coupon, or applying for store credit. Your call-to-action should be clear and concise, as well as include actionable verbs that inspire passersby to take action.

A line such as "come inside and see what's new" is more effective than "check out what's new" because it gives simple yet clear directions people can use to learn more about your offers. Your call-to-action can be part of your logo, included in a graphic design, or stand out on it's own along the edges of your storefront.

Create Some Interaction

Creating an interactive experience for passersby will get them to stop in front of your store and spend time up close and personal with your marketing material. Consider hosting a weekly contest by putting a bowl of marbles (or small products that you sell) in the window and asking people to come in and guess how many are in the bowl. Offering the winner a discount good for specific items in your store or a free promotional item is sure to keep people interested without breaking your marketing budget.

Another way to interact with potential customers is to put photos of featured products in the window and ask people to vote for their favorites. This targets those who are interested in the products you're featuring, making them more likely to take a step inside to make a purchase from the lineup.

Include Something Flashy

To quickly grab the attention of those passing by your storefront, include something flashy in the window. A neon sign, a flashing calendar, or a blinking store schedule are all good options. Don't put the flashy stuff in the middle of your graphics and text, as they can take away from your messages. Instead, set the bright signs apart from everything else by putting them in the corners or on the door.

Implement just one or two of these ideas to start with and cycle through the others until you figure out what works best for the specific demographic that you're targeting. Check out sites like http://glasshopperaurora.com for more information on getting started.