5 Awesome Benefits Of A Garage Door Maintenance Plan

If you have the luxury of owning a garage, there's no doubt you appreciate the convenience and the extra space. But like every other part of your home, your garage door will eventually need repairs. What if there was a way to circumvent the hassle of having to deal with problematic issues? It's called a garage door maintenance plan, and it can benefit you in many ways.

Catch problems before they occur.

If you haven't yet experienced a problem with your garage doors, you've been pretty lucky. Eventually, you'll probably have to deal with some sort of issue, and hopefully it won't occur at an inopportune time. But imagine it's a Saturday night, and you're heading out for dinner. Something happens and there's a loud boom. As the door was lifting, one of the cables broke and the door came crashing down. The only way to drive out of your garage now is by lifting the door yourself, which can be heavy and, therefore, dangerous.

With a garage door maintenance plan, issues like this are usually spotted ahead of time. The contractor can look at all the parts, noticing things like broken garage door springs, rusty cables, dirty rollers, and trash and debris along the tracks. They will be able to alert you of any potential problems and fix them before they become a hazard. 

Don't bother with ordering parts.

If you've ever handled any sort of maintenance or repairs for things around the house, you know how frustrating it can be to have to order and wait on parts. With a garage door maintenance plan, the contractor will save you the hassle of having to take the measurements, hunt down the right part, do a cost analysis, hope that the part arrives in a timely manner, and so forth. For many, this benefit alone is worth its weight in gold.

Avoid preventable injuries.

While you'll find a ton of information on do-it-yourself projects for a variety of things around the house, garage door maintenance and repairs are really best left to the professionals, and here's why.

According to a garage door child safety blog, more than 13,000 people are injured each year from garage door mishaps, and just over 1,600 of them are from homeowners who insisted on "doing it themselves." These injuries range from losing a finger to being trapped by a fallen door. And for a garage door that weighs the average several hundred pounds, this is a dangerous risk. Signing up for a garage door maintenance plan doesn't guarantee that a mishap won't occur, but you do eliminate the possibility of injury from a DIY project.

Avoid damage to your door.

Suppose you notice one of your springs has broken. You can't deal with it right away, so you manually open and close the door. Unfortunately, this can damage the opener. And if the door is steel, you could end up with a bent frame at the top. There are a series of steps to replace the spring, and they require the use of extreme caution due to the heavy weight of the door.

Regular service on the door should prevent something like this from happening. But having a professional repairman to call on can reduce the risk of doing even more damage to your garage doors.

Extend the life of your garage door.

Most contractors who offer garage door maintenance plans will allow you to select how often you have your doors serviced, whether quarterly or annually. Most professionals agree that they should be serviced at least once a year in order to extend the life of the door.

However, the frequency will depend on a number of variables, including how much use your garage door gets. Most doors are expected to last around 30 years, but the life expectancy of individual parts on the door will vary. For instance, the most common problem with garage doors involves the springs. And they aren't expected to last a set number of years, but rather a number of cycles. This is how many times the door opens and closes.

Your contractor will let you know how often you need to have routine service performed, which will include taking care of potential problems with tension and torsion springs. They should also let you know what you can safely do at home to keep your garage door in excellent shape between service calls.